Bestlite BL3 in original Shade

Original BL3 of Bestlite Bauhaus Lighting reserve a wonderful straight fat cone sharp in 34cm diameter opening. Its designs happen slightly earlier than BL4 with intention to serve a widen beam lighting that act as a spots illumination and BL4 serve a task
spots. All posts and joints of BL3 let the light at all angles and with height adjusting functions. When standing from a collecting angles. A Cone Shade of BL3 is a must to reflect your choice is as original as the first issue.

designer: Robert Dudley Best
brand: Gubi
design origin: Denmark
measurement: Shade 34 ΓΈ Body 113-152 H.
material: chrome posts & Joints / aluminium enamel shape and base coverage / textiles fabric cables / 3 pins plug