Noguchi began to integrate elements of Japanese art with Western modernis after his return from Japan to US by 1931 with his parents Japanese and Western US background. After working with Constantin Brancusi in Paris , Noguchi spent long time in Japan embracing Japanese forms for the design of gardens and sculpture.
Akari light sculpture is developed at the period. Akari means sightlessness in Japanese and also light illuminations. Akari is inspired by Gifu lanterns and hand crafted beginning with the making of washi paper from the inner bark of the mulberry tree. Bamboo ribbing is stretched across wooden moulded forms, which resembles sculpture. Each light sculpture has a traditional seal of Akari signature indenity original Noguchi work as a functional collectables .

designer: Isamu Noguschi 1904-1988
brand: Karia
design origin: Japan
measurement: 120 x 120 cm 220V E27 GLS max 40W suggested / collect at shop only
material: blue burry plant tissue paper, costed wired,