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Pirkka Bench
Bench seating always evoke causal feeling applying for Beer Garden and Asian
outdoor food store in the past . slightly lower seat ht let sitting posture go healthy with foots on ground that ease upper body move around. Base Frame of Pirrak Bench transit this natural ambient well for indoor with its bush liked structure.
It mixes well for dining furniture setting ;placed under flat TV , packed aside as ottoman or located at transitional area are all good way to apply this 1956 designs . by Tapiovaara. It is very common to see how nature inspiration reflect from industrial designs of Tapiovaara and other Finland Design Masters
llmari Tapiovaara
design origin
120/150/180 L .27D .44H
Solid Pine Seat , Solid Stained Birch Frame
HKD 6040.00 /up immediate stock !
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