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Long Hexagonal Plate
Pieter Stockman ,a major Belgian Porceline artiest and industrial designer from the 60's . Imprinted with his very thin porcelain tableware and art piece in white & unique cobol blue colour . His most successful design is the coffee cup Sonja which has been sold 40 million. He taught in several Arts institute and university as well the most known Design Academy Eindhoven from 83 - 85 . flea+cents has collect his rigorous production name 7 Bowls & Plate / Sphere salt pepper vinegar oil from the 90's. This Long Hexagonal Plate is our great found in recent . It is in good size for Starter or Desert ; it presents well for Moss Plant which currently heat up ; and it is really nice to form 6 unit as a party centre piece. The price is super to let you own this Master Piece without a second thought
Pieter Stockmans
design origin
28 L . 15 D . 0.5 H
Porcelain glazed
HKD 450.0 /for 2 pcs