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Hello is a linear system that allow light slide freely alone the line fix in 3 ways,
wall to beam ,beam to beam, and ceiling to floor ( see diagram 4 )
With a ball / sausage shape black body LED spots that allow both a flood wall washer light or beam spot to high light objects or illuminated up to activities.
All illumination could slide and rotate any angles to serve light direct or indirectly

With the interiors design movement to retain more existing decoration to save the waste as sustainability, Hello is a perfect and modern light system that use only
single spots to serve direct light spots with a wire without touching existing ceiling
to save complicated electrical work buy just one point power supply for a few spots

Hello is a money saver and last , my technical details , please refer below parts
to let our design team to form you the right light .

More details Hello Spot 15┬░ (2); Hello Flood; Hello Connect, L 350..1000 mm (2); Hello Connect, L 600..2000 mm; wall/ceiling connection, On/Off, max. 58 W; cable holder (2); system supply, max. 58 W; secondary cable, 2 x 0.25 mm2, L 3000 mm; tension cable, L 8000 mm
Stephan H├╝rlemann
design origin
components cut according to order
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