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Grand Sofà
Grand Sofà is designer's interpretation of luxurious comfort and contemporary design. The Italian flair for lightness and elegance is united with the trademark quality and precision of Swiss standard. The clean lines and geometric forms of the generously dimensioned sofa elements create a spacious platform for sitting or reclining. Despite its expansive proportions, Grand Sofà has a slender profile: the slim, fabric-covered body is doubly angled to form a cascading seat, backrest and rearward ledge.
the Grand Sofà is appealing at any angles , presents a graceful silhouette and almost seems to float above the floor. Paired with a compatible coffee table, the sofa defines a focal point in the room. Thanks to the open composition of Grand Sofà and the spatial options this creates, it is possible to sit behind the sofa and use the fabric-covered ledge for laptop work or other tasks. The shelf-like ledge is also suited for storing books, magazines and accessories. To accommodate objects such as glasses, bottles or vases, it can be equipped with the Sofa Tray, which is angled along the sides to fit over the edges. Turned upside down, the Sofa Tray can be used as a practical surface on any flat area of the sofa.
Antonio Citterio
design origin
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