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Slow Cooker
As always ,Royal VKB embraces the latest trend in the kitchen: slow cooking and lead this product rewarded with the Design Plus Award and the international Red Dot Award for product design.

Any fresh ingredients your desired are put in the tap water washed Slowcooker without the need for oil as the slow and gentle cooking process itself tenderises the ingredients allowing their full flavours to come out. All the original vitamins, minerals and flavours are fully preserved during this method of cooking.

Your could gain time to care children school work , walk the dog or take a shower and leave the cooking job there till the oven show ready signal. The Silicon led always serve as a mate to let serve the cooker on table to reduce washing work after.

Enjoy good Cooking at the ease , high recommendation for Slow Cooker has been Claimed by HK media with their chef text

Margaret Foolen
design origin
Large 15.4 ΓΈ. 3.5 cm H
Terra Cotta, Silicone
HKD 860.00
price down from 1350