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Stool 60 ColoRing
pink_purple, red_turquoise, green_yellow which couple of colours you like ?

Designer Jo Nagasaka an architect based Tokyo, who already well noticed by
any friends like Blue Bottle Coffee and Vitra, we are enjoyable to have this
100 years celebration of diplomancy of Finland + Japan Stool 60 version .
Seeing “Udukuri”Japanese traditional craft technique highlighting the beauty of wood by polishing and leaving the wood grain as pattern applied with
Finland deisgn Godfather Alvar Aalto iconic stool 60 design.

We see both their goldeneyes on interpreting nature through designs with a true
hearts of respects. To know more on Tsugaru Lacquer check this link too

“Tsugaru Lacquer” is a traditional Japanese lacquer ware. It is at first applied to the uneven wood surface and then some layers of colour are added. After polishing the surface flat, you are getting a coloured grain pattern on a smooth surface.
Jo Nagasaka
design origin
HKD 3750.00
Lead time order 5 work week