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Adaptable table
A Smart table by TAF put focus at the under frame structure of table to let surface top and legs supports disassemble in flat packed shipping furniture. Deep thought found on position a right volume of natural wood legs interlocking metal beam bars with special high-lighted colour with the special metal joint design in a right angle.

Adaptable Table also in a perfect slit form 1:2.22 proportion, that fit well for 8 persons Asian dinning or meeting .
A good dining + multi purpose table when parking near to open kitchen. All Parents could cook and assist their kids' school work at the same time !

Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom
design origin
90 . 200 . 73
Special HPL Surface top / coated metal / Solid Oak
HKD 17500.00
Mint items in display . Please ask on installation additionally
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