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Easter DogCat / Witch Vase
You may know well on Halloween,American Culture, how about Finnish .... Pääsiäistä means Easter in English, Every April ,Children will place seeds on small pot to grow greens to let noticing the changes of nature; collect and decorate Pajunkissa from the wilds as currency for the last Easter Saturday exchange wishes to friends and neighbourhood ...and Say virvonta rhyme “I wave a twig for a fresh and healthy year ahead: A twig for you, a treat for me!” as give + take lessons.
You see kids dressed in Witch customs in April all around Finland.

Lovely pair of product developed by COMPANY on passing out Finnish culture on the celebration of 100 years of friendship not only tasted between Japanese and Finnish
but internationally on goodness . Handmade in Portegel , A perfect story telling functional object to humanise all hussle urbanist .
(photo via Artek Offical )
Aamu Song & Johan Olin
design origin
Dog 10. 9. H.W / Witch 18. 13.5 H.W
Ceramic Matt Glazed,
HKD 995.00 /set of Witch / DogCat
PM us in case you are a witch like only the dogcat(s) or like to pair up witches. we could custom the order for you !