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Shoe Storage
We all enjoy shopping in particularly footwear . Shoe Storage is always a high demand for Asia Culture also for Hong Kong at entry area and hall way.
The Sturdy CC Tower Storage with perforated or black out pull out drawer board will be a perfect choice for organising well for your sneakers & high heels. CC storage comes in 3 shelves / 5 shelves / 7 shelves and 10 shelves . Anything small you would like to organise small to park as a bedside table or under your basin counter . A console top also a hall wall shoe storage will be perfect to apply 5 to 7 shelves. A line of several 10 shelves would create good impacts wall for books / collectables , Door could be
close whenever you like to rest your eyes.
Chantal Andriot
design origin
41 W . 34.5 D 68 H cm ( other Height options : 105.5 ,142, 198.5 )
Metal with Dupoint anti UV point ( quality like motor paint )
Available only in Shop flea + cents. For details, please call +852 2528 0801 or email us