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Vlinder Sofa
Vlinder Sofa is a piece of Textile Art for your Living Room. With Hella extending the boundary on Fabric waving expertise Mindset to enrich the value on fabric that against fast fashions waste and support and trust from full team of experienced Vitra production Team. Vlinder happened ! A supper homy piece that all home members could rest on to get the emotional feeling that given from the changing textures of fabric ingredients. The multilayers foam filled, that always environmental green guaranteed, in the base Structure, this time, provide extra comfortness from the removable cover chamber cushion ( divided in 3 parts that all well zipped to base structure ) that filled with goose feathers.

If you are looking for a sofa that beyond its realm , the 4 tones r of Vlinder Sofa that available will be your substaintial artisan choice
Hella Jongerius
design origin
Swiss / Germany
240.124.75 W.D.H / 220.70.40 SW.SD.SH ( Arm 50 )
/ Wooden Body Frame / Steel Legs w/ Felt Glides
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