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ice Pen Pen
A crinkled look pen stand with a straight name.
Pen Pen, Bin Bin's little companion, ensures tidiness at your work top with a good mood

It picks up waste from bent paper clips to small scraps of paper, but also cuts a fine figure on the desk with ballpoint pens, highlighters, pencils or letter openers.

We also have customer applies Pen Pen at Sanitary
Room pair up with Wipy Tissue Paper cube well

Editors again highly intonatied Essey's stable material and its German quality where micro dust is uneasy to get on this little fine object .

All exclusive products, designed by John Brauer in the style of the specially created "symbolic functionalism",
John Brauer
design origin
ΓΈ10.5 H 10
HKD 335.0 /set of 2
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