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Fauteuil de Salon
After the success on reissue on Jean Prouve furniture collections with Raw.
We are happy to see more appealing 50's colours reissue,in supply under Vitra Home collections, for meeting up vintage interior lifestyles.
As most significant charactors of Prouve's work , sofa or chairs are always slim fitted in proportion which coincidently fit well for small living space in Hong Kong. We place this furniture in for "HER" gift section cause it is a perfect gift for mothers use for nursing new borns. Will you consider for your "She"
Jean Prouve
680.840.825 W.D.H mm
Polyurethane Foam with Quality Fabric, Mouded Steel powder-coated smooth
Available only in Shop flea + cents. For details, please call +852 2528 0801 or email us