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Hall Studio Armchair
A new resemblance within hall chair family by Jasper Morrison .
Its organic one pcs arm chair provides maximum stability and superb
comfort with a minimum amount of material.
Its curved armrests ‚growing out from the sides ,give a gentle look which
specially good for study and office at home. PP Shell in optional colours
orange/ sky blue / ivy green /basic dark ,all meet up your new study year.
We all know you are hard working gang, call our sales team to show all possible soft
fixed or loose cushions to support your long hours sitting posture.
Jasper Morrison
design origin
445 FW . 420 FD 374-490 SH
dyed-through polypropylene shell,cast aluminium base
HKD 4100.00
height adjustable
Available only in Shop flea + cents. For details, please call +852 2528 0801 or email us