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East River Chair
Designer exhibits unique manner of fusing industry and craft, high- and low-tech, traditional and modern characteristics which are also evident in the East River Chair: with its distinctive form and casual combination of such diverse materials as wood, metal, leather and fabric, this small armchair clearly bears the Dutch designer's signature.

The colours of the East River Chair are carefully coordinated both with aesthetic and the practical reasons with leather covers protect the armrests from dirt and wear, and the thicker padding of the seat cushion, which extends up to the backrest, provides comfortable lumbar support. The convenient strap handle on the rear side of the backrest.
A wonderful piece of right size single sofa chair both for Commercial
space and giving warm atmosphere forming any home sweet home.
Hella Jongerius
design origin
64. 71 .40SH .74 H cm
natural Oak / Fabric / Leather
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